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Plastic Drinkware

Wholesale of unbreakable polycarbonate, tritan and san plastic glasses for big tasting events. Our plastic glasses are not disposable, they are reusable several times and dishwasher safe.

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Plastic Drinkware:  tritan and san plastic glasses

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Reusable plastic cups: the convenience of always having them with you!

The beautiful season and the most favorable summer climate will allow us to spend more time outdoors and to spend pleasant moments in the countryside, or taking trips out of town with our loved ones: in these cases, why not enjoy the luxury of an outdoor toast, with a good bottle of wine, watching a beautiful sunset? The problem that could arise and ruin this sensational moment is surely that of carrying everything you need, including the glasses: if you do not have the right equipment, taking glass glasses with you could be risky, avoiding not to break them . And it is precisely on these occasions that there are types of glasses that can meet our needs, facilitating our life and above all allowing us to enjoy a good glass of wine on every occasion: we are talking about reusable plastic glasses.

Reusable hard plastic glasses: everything you need to know

Forget the most classic meaning of plastic glasses, that is the one of the machines or the classic white drinks: the plastic glasses can be elegant, and also take very different forms, such as the plastic glasses. Unlike the more classic glasses, rigid plastic glasses will allow you to have a solid and stable glass, without necessarily using crystal: the points in favor of a plastic glass are certainly those of being absolutely unbreakable, and thanks to their particular structure and composition will also allow not to alter the flavor of the drink you are drinking. In addition to wine, there are plastic glasses ideal for beer, but also for other types of liqueurs and drinks, useful for any occasion.

The different materials used for reusable plastic cups

Plastic glasses are not all the same, also for their composition of materials used: among the main unbreakable materials used to create these glasses, we find for example polycarbonate, tritan, SAN transparent and colored plastic. The characteristics of these materials make these glasses perfect to be used in all those situations where it is necessary, for safety purposes, not to use materials such as crystal, making them absolutely unbreakable and impact-proof. Especially for polycarbonate and tritan glasses, their use can be done several times, and they will be dishwasher safe just like crystal glasses. The choice of a material that can be reused is a choice that will be good for the environment, avoiding the use of disposable glasses with poor quality and poor tasting performances. The quality of modern plastic products is so high that you will hardly distinguish, visually, a crystal glass from a plastic one: their transparency is so high that it looks like a real crystal glass of wine, and their very shapes will put you to the test try to recognize them.

The different shapes of reusable plastic glasses

On our catalogue there are various types of reusable plastic glasses, which will meet all your tasting needs: you can find the ideal plastic glasses for cocktails, with the most studied and modern shapes, but also the most classic glasses, or some reinterpretations , with different colors and shapes. Among the shapes of plastic cups we certainly find:

- The plastic wine glasses

Ideal for drinking with friends and in total safety, a good glass of wine without giving up the most classic of glasses.

- The plastic tasting glasses

Perfect to be used even during tasting sessions, without necessarily having to resort to a crystal tasting glass.

- The plastic flute glasses

Excellent to be able to use with your favorite sparkling wine, or champagne, safely and in accordance with outdoor conditions.

- Goblets and plastic beer glasses

Thanks to their shape they will allow you to drink your favorite beer in a reproduction of a crystal glass, from plastic beer glasses perfectly identical to the crystal one.

- The plastic tumbler glasses

Absolutely perfect for drinking your favorite drinks, or for preparing a refreshing cocktail to drink, safely, outdoors or during events, evenings and much more. To conclude, the rigid plastic glasses can be the optimal solution to be able to drink, safely and without the foresight of the crystal glass, your favorite drinks without giving up the more classic shapes of the glasses normally used in crystal: their shapes and their colors can allow you to have captivating glasses, from a design point of view, but above all functional, which will not make you miss the emotions of the most classic tasting experiences. Choosing a reusable rigid plastic glass is also a choice that will be good for the environment, avoiding the waste of a disposable glass.