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What are the most important wine glasses, and which ones to use

Drinking wine is certainly a personal and convivial pleasure: a good wine glass can be the icing on the cake of a perfect lunch, or accompany pleasant aperitifs with friends. Whatever the occasion to be able to taste a good glass of wine pleasantly, however, you will also need to use the right glass: many use glasses of any kind to drink wine, from reds to whites to sparkling wines, without considering that each wine has the right glass to be savored and tasted in all its facets. In this article, we want to show you what are the main types of wine glasses, and when it is appropriate to use them.

Many wines, many glasses: here the wine glasses to use

It is precisely by recreating the ideal condition to be able to drink wine, that you will be able to savor, down to the smallest detail, the history behind it: to do so, it will be absolutely necessary to also have the right glass, in order to be able to enhance its flavor and aroma. In addition to having basic key elements, such as the absolute transparency and the good quality material with which it was made, each wine glass will have certain characteristics for each wine that they must accompany. Below, the main types of wine glasses, and with which wines you can taste them:

The best glasses for white wine

The most important white wine glasses that can accompany your favorite wines are definitely the Renano and Sauvignon models; the latter has a large tulip shape, which will allow you to smell the wine, reaching the fullest aromas. The Renano model, on the other hand, tends to be slightly closed towards the top, remaining straight, in such a way as to directly address the aromas of the wine; certainly ideal for more mature wines, unlike Sauvignon which will be perfect for lighter and fresher wines.

The best glasses for red wine

Among the main red wine glasses used, we find the Balloon, both small and large, once again the Renano and the Burgundy model. We have already listed the characteristics of the Renano for white wines, and it will be useful to accompany younger and fresher red wines. The small Balloon, on the other hand, can accompany medium-bodied reds, with a long and wide shape to be able to oxygenate them to the fullest; the large Balloon, on the other hand, can accompany aged wines with a strong structure, thanks to the very pronounced belly and its erect opening, ideal for enhancing tannins. The Burgundy model, on the other hand, will accompany medium-aged wines, thanks to its wide opening and rather pronounced shape.

The best glasses for rosé wine

Considering the characteristics of the main rosé wines, often similar to the fresh young ones both white and red, the ideal glass to accompany this wine is definitely the Renani model.

The best glasses for passito wine

For passito wines, instead, all those glasses capable of recreating a very narrow and curved shape in the upper part, slightly rounded, so that it can be facilitated in the taking, must be taken into consideration. These glasses also have long and thin stems, which give elegance and design to the glass itself, as well as making them functional to taste them without ruining the temperature of the wine inside.

The best glasses for sparkling wine and champagne

Sparkling glasses are generally also used as champagne glasses: the main model is certainly the flute, with its elongated shape and elegant air. More disused, but not less elegant, is certainly the cup: both models, especially the flute, can allow the effervescence of both sparkling wine and champagne to be released. The only point against the cup is that of the difficulty of holding it easily in the hand, risking being able to overflow it easily.

The best glasses for an aperitif

Finally, the aperitif glasses are a lot, and each of them has particular characteristics depending on the liqueur, or the mix of liqueurs, used. For example, there is the Asti Cup, mainly used for tasting wines with a sweet and aromatic taste, just like Piedmont sparkling wines. In general, the tasting glass can also be used, which have a shape foreign to other genres, trying to convey the main characteristics of the most important glasses in order to adapt nicely to the drinking of each wine.

As you may have considered, the types of wine glasses are truly many and all specially created to give the wine one more way to be tasted at its best, without losing even the smallest details that make them unique all over the world .

Red wine glasses

Knowing the organoleptic characteristics of wine allows you to fully grasp its nuances. It is the result of a natural alchemy that is renewed year after year. The hand of man is at the basis of the occurrence of some processes that culminate in the wine glass. Having adequate tools for its tasting or meditation is the starting point to know its true essence. For this we offer a wide assortment of red wine glasses, white wine glasses, glasses for spirits and raisins. Through the shape of the glass, deep identities are revealed that otherwise it would be impossible to know. At the base of every self-respecting tasting there are the most sought-after wine glasses. Our products are recommended for the organization of events, themed tastings, courses for sommeliers and sector masters. Let's see, then, to find out which red wine glasses are recommended according to the occasion.


Red wine glasses: wines and grape varieties

The transparency of red wine glasses is as essential as its shape. Red wine, in fact, has many facets that can be grasped through the use of special glasses, born from the experience of professionals in the sector. If you are curious about the nectar of the gods, you could deepen your knowledge by retracing the tasting technique. The wine glass is essential to start this journey to discover this wonderful red nectar. Meanwhile, it should be noted that not all reds are the same:

- young red wines

- medium aged red wines

- long aging red wines

What it is, however, that determines the aptitude for a long aging. Some vines than others are destined for the production of long-lived wines. An example is given by:

- Nebbiolo, father of Barolo and Barbaresco

- Sangiovese from which Brunello di Montalcino is obtained

- Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella from which Amarone is obtained

- Primitive

- Aglianico

These just to mention the best known on the Italian wine scene. These grapes have organoleptic characteristics which, enhanced by the soil, pruning and vinification, are able to guarantee the longevity of the wine. Subsequently, during the tasting phase, the red wine glass will be able to tell the story-telling of each of them. The shape of the wine glass is not just aesthetic research. It fulfills the precise task of enhancing the characteristics of the wine in question.



Tasting: how to choose the red wine glass


Going back to the type of red wines, we can say that they are not all the same. The reason is to be found first in the grapes then in the vinification and in the eventual aging. For this reason, there are more or less large glasses that guarantee the perfect success of the tasting:

- Young red wine glasses. Its shape is concave on the bottom with a narrow mouth. The reason lies in the need to convey perfumes towards the nose. Since the scents are quite fresh they will be more likely to fade. The narrow mouth will convey the liquid towards the sides of the mouth where the characteristic acidity of young wines will be better perceived. The Lounge, Skyline and Universum glasses are suitable for this type of wine.

- Medium-aged red wine glasses. Red wines often undergo a slight passage in cask to make them soft to the taste or to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the starting grapes. The result will be greater sensorial complexity associated with the evolution of aromas that will also be enriched with spicy, toasted and vanilla notes. At this point, a red wine glass will be needed that allows the wine to oxygenate slightly, letting the so-called tertiary scents hover in the air, or those deriving from aging. Medium-aged red wine glasses have a slightly wider cavity and mouth than the previous ones. Ideal are the universal wine glasses or the Zalto Burgundy and the Vineas.

- Aged red wine glasses. Aged red wines are those that have spent a lot of time in the bottle: from a few years up to decades. Their need is to oxygenate themselves deeply before offering the best. The oxygenation can be carried out through the use of the decanter then continuing in a wine glass large enough to allow the aromas to expand. The recommended aged red wine glasses are the Balloon model, Skyline Balloon as well as the Universal ones.


Sector manifestations: let us raise our glasses aloft

Trade fairs such as Vinitaly, Prowine, Vitigno Italia, Milan Wine Festival and other themed events are the occasions in which red wine glasses are more necessary than ever. We are able to meet any request regarding both number and type. Personalized red wine glasses with the name of the company or event will be supplied in a fairly short time upon request by customers. What would you like to know more about red wine glasses? We are here to clear up any doubts.

White wine glasses

White wine glasses are essential for the success of a wine tasting. They can be considered a real tool of the trade of those who dedicate themselves professionally and not to wine. We offer the best models of white wine glass that will guide the professional or the diner towards the full satisfaction of the senses. Savoring the blond liquid in the wine glass brings back magical sensations condensed in one sip. Let's try, then, to discover the message conveyed by a glass of white wine through tasting in models of white wine glasses made for the purpose.


White wine tasting: Visual emotions

As the culinary preparation should be tasted first with the eyes and then with the palate, the same happens for a glass of white wine. The wine, in fact, must first be studied from a visual point of view through an examination of color, transparency and reflections. The wine glasses are made of glass or clear crystal to favor the reflection of light as much as possible.

We recall, in short, the various shades of color of white wines:

- Greenish yellow

- Straw yellow

- Golden yellow

- Amber yellow

The various shades of color depend on determining factors: grape variety, harvest time, vinification, maturation and refinement. In general, it can be said that greenish yellow and straw yellow are characteristic of young white wines. The white wine glass, in this case, conveys the visual sensation of a wine that is fresh and recently released on the market. The base grape is the main responsible for these shades. The grapes, in fact, have different organoleptic characteristics which are expressed according to the terroir in which they were raised. The golden and amber shades, on the other hand, speak of different typology and vinification. For example, the golden yellow refers to an over-ripening of the grapes typical of the late harvest. The golden hue is also found in wines that have been subjected to aging in wood in order to make them softer, while giving more complex aromas. Finally, the golden yellow is characteristic of dessert wines and liqueur wines. In the latter case, however, you have to pay a moment of attention. If the wine in the glass is neither sweet nor fortified, the amber hue is associated with an oxidation state. Therefore, tasting is likely to stop at this state as it would make no sense to continue analyzing a faulty wine.


 White wine tasting: Olfactory emotions

The olfactory examination is the second step for a perfect evaluation of the wine. White wine glasses perform the important function of facilitating the search for characteristic scents and olfactory nuances. The types of scents of white wines are:

- Fruity or unripe or ripe white fruit.

- Floral of white flowers

- Citrus

- Vanilla

- Almond almonds

- Fragrant

As for the color, the scents are also linked to the grape variety, vinification and refinement. In fact, there are vines called aromatic. The scents present in the wine are such as to bring back the memory to that particular grape variety. An example is given by Moscato, Traminer, Malvasia. The fruity hints of unripe fruit are instead linked to a rather early harvest of the grapes that have not fully developed the aromas. These examples show what is hidden in a sip of wine and how much information can be gathered through the liquid in the glass.


 White wine tasting: Taste emotions

The last step is the gustatory examination or the phase in which we have the confirmation of what has already been perceived on the nose. The scents perceived on the palate should correspond to those already perceived on the nose. This is the case of wines defined as harmonic. Through the taste you can also perceive tactile and pseudo-caloric sensations such as freshness, flavor and alcohol.


White wine glasses: how to choose the right one

White wine glasses help bring out the qualities seen previously. The shape and size are not the result of chance but the result of a study by the experts who know well the wine and the characteristics of each type. Let's now see some suggestions on how to choose the right white wine glass.

Young white wines

The white wine glasses suitable for this category are the Universum ones or those with a concave bottom and narrow mouth. The reason is associated with the need to convey the fresh scents towards the nose. The Lounge cl 37 is a good choice as well as the Revolution cl 36,5.

Aromatic white wines

The aromaticity of some white wines derives from the grapes used in its production. To best enhance them, a 27 cl white wine glass is recommended. The narrow mouth is ideal for white wines with strong aromas.


Sparkling wines

Sparkling and semi-sparkling wines are also included in the white wines category. They need to release aromas through carbon dioxide which manifests itself in bubbles rising upwards. Universum flutes and goblets are the most suitable white wine glasses.


Passito and liqueur wines

Passito and liqueur wines are endowed not only with intense aromas but also with a sweet and decisive taste that is enhanced through the use of narrow glasses and with a moderately concave bottom.


Today, Universums are used because they contain the characteristics of all the models in a single wine glass.