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Selection of quality professional corkscrews with wholesale prices: sommelier double lever corkscrew, wall mounted corkscrew, champagne sabre/openers, cork remover, Forge de Laguiole corkscrews. Customizable with your logo.

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The best corkscrew models to buy now

For lovers of good wine, in addition to being able to taste it and savor its aromas and flavors, another important moment full of waiting is certainly that of uncorking the bottle. In order to uncork the bottle it will be necessary to use the corkscrew, an instrument that has always accompanied wine consumers in a practical and simple way. In this article we want to deepen what is a corkscrew, what is its history and what models are currently available on the market.

The history of the corkscrew, always the best friend of the bottle of wine

Initially the corkscrew were rather rudimentary tools, and the first historical references to it refer to the year XVII, where it was a simple metal tool that allowed to unscrew the cap: the very first patent of a corkscrew, more or less as we know it today ours, dates back to 1795, at the hands of the British Henshall Samuel, who studied and patented a model with the classic "T" shape. Nowadays, there are several models of corkscrew: we find, for example, professional corkscrews, design corkscrews , but also more classic models such as lever or those used by sommeliers. In general, any model you choose will allow it to be easy to use, allowing you to remove the cap without damaging it; however, it will be necessary to choose suitable models, as some corkscrews could negatively alter the flavor of the wine or be more complex to use.

The best corkscrew models available on the market

The corkscrew models are many: just think that, in addition to the more traditional ones, there are some more technological models called electric corkscrews. Here are some of the best-selling and available models on today's market, all to be discovered and purchased immediately!

Sommelier corkscrew

This is certainly the most used corkscrew ever. The sommelier corkscrew provides precise and facilitated use, although the first few times it may seem rather difficult to use: inserted the spiral in the cap, you will have to place the support on the edge of the bottle and extract up to just over half of the cap; at this point, you can slightly leverage the support and finally extract the last part.

Blade corkscrew

The blade corkscrew or wine cork remover is another tool that will allow a simplified extraction, although some manual skill and skill will be needed to do it. Once you have introduced the blade into the sides of the neck of the bottle that you want to open, you will have to turn the upper part, until the cap is completely extracted.

Lever corkscrew

The lever corkscrew, generally made of metal, will allow you to uncork the bottle with much less force than other more traditional tools. By inserting the neck of the bottle in the vice, you will have to leverage simply by pulling towards ourselves, and the metal spiral will fit perfectly into the cap and will extract it in a few seconds, without efforts.

Wall corkscrew

The wall corkscrew, as its name suggests, is a corkscrew model that will be installed directly on the wall chosen by the restaurateur or sommelier. You will only have to approach the bottle, insert the neck of the bottle in the space provided and use the lever system designed to extract the cap easily.

Champagne saber

Although it is fundamentally different from the previous models listed, another available corkscrew model is certainly the saber, ideal for champagne. It is a real saber, supplied and forgotten in such a way as to have it with the ideal blade to be able to sew, with a dry and safe blow towards the cap, the bottle. Be careful, however, to use it: if it is not practical, you risk inevitably breaking the neck of the bottle itself.

Maintenance of your corkscrew

Whichever model you choose, the corkscrew will need specific maintenance in order to always have an instrument ready for use and in good condition, which may not alter the result of uncorking the bottle with ease and precision. To do this, simply use a damp cloth, or a sponge, after use, and then let it dry in the air, or with a dry and soft cloth, to ensure that it does not oxidise over time.

How to choose the model that will do the most for us

The choice of corkscrew is really wide, but there are some fundamental points to consider before buying one. first of all, the corkscrew chosen - especially if you are a beginner - must have a practical and simple use. Secondly, it will be necessary to understand what the purpose of its use will be, so consider the size, weight and material from which it is made. To conclude, a good corkscrew will allow you to have a perfect tool to be able to open your favorite bottles of wine with ease and tranquility, thus avoiding breaking the cork and, consequently, irreparably altering its taste and aroma: a good corkscrew will be your best friend in the moment before tasting your favorite wine, leaving you with a unique experience.