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INTORNO AL VINO for years has been taking care of sommeliers, wine producers and wine associations with many accessories for tasting wine, olive oil and beer.

Our goal is to create the best shopping experience, we are always available to support the customer in organizing tasting events with many wine accessories that can be personalized with the logo, we have discounts for quantities and quick deliveries in Europe.

Ice buckets and wine spittoons

INTORNO AL VINO has in its catalog ice buckets, glacettes available in various colors and different capacities to hold from 1 to 5 bottles of wine or champagne.

The spittoon is an important accessory for the sommelier to organize a wine tasting; two plastic models are available in black. The 1 liter spittoon is suitable for personal use or for small tastings, while for larger events we have the 2.5 liter spittoon.


Wooden and double lever corkscrews for sommelier to be used every day.
Wine cork remover for the most difficult corks of aged wine bottles.
BOJ wall corkscrew for wine bars and restaurateurs for professional use.
For those who love the artisan corkscrew we have the Forge de Laguiole brand corkscrew with classic lines and excellent quality.

Wine accessories

All wine accessories for the daily work of the sommelier: from the classic wine saver, drip saver, wine thermometer.

The silver tastevin with chain that represents the sommelier's symbolic object cannot be missing from our catalog around the wine.

wine accessories


Sommelier carrying case and and wine bottle trolley

intorno al vino  intorno al vino

We have created a branded line around the wine "INTORNO AL VINO" of sommelier carrying case and bottle trolleys.

The sommelier carrying case for sommelier tasting courses are available in the rigid format for high protection of the glasses or in fabric with or without padding.

The sommelier cases are from 4 to 6 glasses, with 1 corkscrew; they are suitable for INAO glasses and the most used glasses in training courses (AIS glass, RIEDEL tasting glass).

We have also created ad hoc cases for Teku glasses for beer tasting and cases for COI oil tasting glasses.

After several months of work we create our wine bottle trolleys from 6 to 12 bottles of wine , refrigerated to support the activity of the wine trade agent for a whole day of work.

The most complete 12-bottle trolley contains in addition to the front pocket for tablets, two side pockets for wine glasses and other accessories to be used during the tasting.

Wine tasting glass holder

Our wine tasting glass holder are available in two sizes: small for the classic INAO tasting glass and standard for the other glasses up to a capacity of 53 cl.

The wine tasting glass holder are in resistant non-woven fabric or in natural cotton and can be customized with the customer's logo.

Tasting glasses

Wine glasses for tasting, in glass and crystal; INAO glasses and universal tasting glasses for wine most used by sommeliers.

The black glass for the blind tasting could not be missing.

Beer glass for tasting: Teku, mini Teku and Crafty

Cobalt blue olive oil glasses according to the official COI standard

Terracotta Glasses

The terracotta mugs, glasses and jugs for wine, beer and oil handmade by Italian artisan.

We aims not only to enrich the offer around the wine accessories, but also to provide excellent customer service by offering the best online shopping experience for each customer.


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