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Beer glasses

Buy our glass, crystal and terracotta beer glasses online.

We have a wide selection of beer glasses of various types: beer glasses, beer mugs, ceramic beer mugs made in Italy.

A selection of beer glasses from the best brands for your bar, restaurant or beer lover: Original Teku 3 glasses, mini teku glasses, mugs, crafty.

The beer glasses are available in stock with fast delivery times and discounts based on the quantity purchased.

The prices of the glasses refer to the single glass.

Beer glasses and ceramic mugs can be personalized with your logo.

Beer glasses  for your bar, restaurant or beer lover

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Beer glasses are the essential accessory for a perfect tasting of the sparkling drink. On it, not only depends the success of the organoleptic examination, but also the pleasure of tasting a quality product. As with wine, beer also has organoleptic sensations that can be perceived through the suitable glass, capable of directing them towards the nose and palate. In the collective imagination, the drink is represented through a nice beer mug overflowing with foam. Cheerful and festive men toast by letting the foam float free, conveying joie de vivre and goliardia. In reality, beer is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and lends itself to being combined with an infinite number of culinary preparations that go well beyond pizza and frankfurters. It has become a drink for connoisseurs who manage to understand every little facet through visual and olfactory examination.

For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at the glasses we offer. They represent the essential tool to fully enjoy the drink. Beer glasses have taken on different forms over time, inspired by the imagination of those who produce them. The classic ceramic mug has gradually been replaced by increasingly technical and refined glasses at the same time. The rule is always the same: use the stem to hold up the beer glass in order not to compromise a good drink both for tasting and for thirst quenching. The stem is an essential part of the glass as was the handle in the ceramic mugs in the beginning. Many locals still use glass beer mugs to serve beer at the table. In reality, behind every design inspiration there is the search for the enhancement of perlage and gustatory freshness. Surely, it is appropriate to say that each beer corresponds to a glass. The rounded, cylindrical, flared, tulip, tall and narrow glasses and many others have certainly made the history of a drink that has been consumed since the dawn of time. It seems, in fact, that its origin dates back to the time of the Egyptians.

Around 1970 the characteristics of the glass were defined for a correct tasting of both wine and beer. According to these guidelines of the International Standards Organization, the ISO glass must be made of perfect transparent glass without decorations in order not to distract the taster from an objective evaluation of the beer. Inside it must be poured a quantity of liquid 50 milliliters which goes to describe a perfect hemisphere in which the liquid-air ratio is optimal. The space at the top allows the aromas to be released through oxygenation, thus reaching the nose during the olfactory evaluation. Today, in addition to the ISO beer glass, the teku model is used. Teku glasses are the favorite ones of ONAB, or the National Beer Tasters Organization as it is very versatile in its use. These glasses are the result of careful study by a staff of industry experts who through technology have achieved excellent results in the tasting field.

By visiting our page you will have the opportunity to choose from the best teku glasses ideal for tasting your favorite beer. The teku model represents the universal beer glass for tasting any type of beer. Its conception is due to Teo Musso, founder of Baladin and Lorenzo Dabove, known as Kuaska, taster and international judge. The teku glass is based on a structure capable of capturing every single characteristic of all the beers that are poured into it. The teku glass was made through collaboration with Rastal, a leading company for the production of glasses. Today, we manage to get you the 42.5 cl Teku 3 version and the 33cl mini teku version. Version 3.0 represents the updated version of 2.0. In it, the quality of the glass and the elegance of the shapes have improved, keeping the measures unchanged. The authenticity of the glass is confirmed by the teku writing in relief on the foot.

Leaving aside the technical tasting for a moment, you will still be able to view the best particular beer glasses that still retain all the charm of drinking for fun. The shapes and sizes can be very different from each other due to the choices of the manufacturing companies that want to enhance this or that characteristic. The teku glass represents a bit the synthesis of all the glasses used until the moment. Altglas, for example, is the best beer glass to taste a top-fermented beer originating in the Düsseldorf region. The Balloon, on the other hand, serves to highlight the thick and persistent foam. This beer glass is suitable for tasting robust and full-bodied beers such as double malt and Strong Ale. The German beer mug is made of thick glass to maintain freshness and is worked to enhance the perlage. It is considered the ideal glass for Export. Finally, it is often possible to see particular beer glasses made for the purpose of launching an idea, for example those in the shape of a boot.

In terms of launching ideas you can also order personalized beer glasses. This initiative is very dear to owners of pubs, restaurants, beer bars and pizzerias who want to link the brand to a product. The personalized beer glass speaks of the passion with which you propose your business. Don't let your brand go unnoticed. Propose a presentation of your company through tasting accessories that describe your idea. Contemporary marketing is based on ideas and emotions that are transmitted through innovation. The personalized beer glasses are not addressed only to the owners of the premises but also to craft breweries and large beer companies that will be able to pay homage to customers of a highly branded and, at the same time, useful product, since the glasses are never too many. After all, it takes very little to conduct successful marketing. Few but targeted actions are at the basis of modern trade which leaves out the frills and comes to the top.