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Sommelier carrying case

Buy online our wine glasses carrying cases and bottle refrigerated trolleys, made in Italy.

We have an assortment of wine glasses carrying cases in fabric and rigid plastic, from 4 to 6 glasses for sommelier courses for the transport of  wine crystal glasses. In addition, we have created two wine bottle rfrigerated trolleys with a capacity of 6 and 12 Bordeaux bottles, refrigerated for professional use.

We produce the sommelier carrying cases and trolleys directly under the Intorno al vino brand and entirely handmade in Italy.

We can customize them with your logo.

intorno  al vinointorno al vino, fatto a mano in italia  Made in Italy

Sommelier carrying cases,wine bottles trolley. Customizable.

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A baggage for the sommelier and not only: the wine glasses carrying bag and the bottle trolley

Not everyone knows that there is a type of luggage that can meet the needs of professionals in the world of wine and sommelier tastings: we are talking about wine glasses carrying bags, and bottle trolleys.

In addition to the tasting events, there may be many reasons why it may be necessary to have luggage of this type: they will allow us to transport, in a safe and practical way, both our favorite glasses and bottles. Here we will find out why it is important to use these types of luggage, and which models are commercially available.

The wine glasses carrying cases: what it is and what it is for

The sommelier wine glasses carrying bag is a real baggage capable of transporting our favorite glasses in a practical, simple and safe way. This practical glasses carrying bag will allow us to carry a limited number of glasses, basically four or six, and it will also be possible to carry a corkscrew inside them. Not all glasses, however, are the same: in fact, these briefcases, being essentially intended for more professional use in the tasting field, our briefcases will allow you to carry four or six ISO glasses, i.e. those used and recognized in accordance with the standard or the models of tasting glasses adopted by sommelier associations up to a maximum height of the glasses of 23.5 cm.

These particular glasses are designed to be perfect and to fully enjoy the sensorial experience of tasting, allowing the release of aromas and flavors of the wine that you can taste. These particular cases are designed to be safe, and made of materials that will allow maximum comfort and safety for the transport of even rather frangible materials. There are also cases that can carry kits for different sommelier courses, such as AIS glasses or tastings with Premium glasses.

The world of goblet cases, however, does not exclusively concern the world of wine: in fact, there are carrying bags designed for beer glasses, or those for tasting olive oil. These briefcases have the shape of a real briefcase, but forms more similar to shoulder bags or with different handles are also available on our website, in order to allow the diversification of different designs and give more choice on the purchase, meeting all tastes.

The bottle refrigerated trolley: what it is and what it is used for

Different discourse and use, however, for the trolley for wine bottles  and sparkling wine: as the name suggests, this particular trolley will allow you to transport the wine bottles, but more generally also those for the most varied spirits and alcoholic drinks. In general, the shapes and sizes of the bottle trolley can be very different from each other, and have a larger or narrower capacity.

A common point that our bottle trolleys have is certainly that of being made of materials capable of keeping the bottles refrigerated inside them, and of having the right padding that can allow you to avoid, as far as possible, shocks and decrease the possibility that the bottles may break during transport.

They can be used both professionally, transporting wine bottles for tastings or for commercial purposes, or even at a more home and amateur level, allowing us to have a perfect luggage to be able to carry the bottles of wine that are most dear to us, without risking to break them.

How to choose the right glasses carrying bag and the bottle trolley

In order to be able to choose the most suitable glasses carrying bag model, or the most functional bottle trolley, it will be necessary to have clear what their end uses are, in order to finalize a well thought out but above all useful purchase.

The different shapes and sizes that both goblet cases and bottle trolleys can have, may differ in the quality of the materials used and the end use: some may be more professional, while others will be more in normal use; these types could differ, even a lot, on the price, and it is precisely for this reason that I will also have to keep in mind the maximum spending budget available, before choosing to buy one.

To conclude, the glasses carrying bags and the bottle trolley are perfect tools for those who want to transport, in a simple and safe way, their precious tasting glasses, or the most prestigious bottles, without risking that they could shatter during the transport.

Buying one of these elements will be a perfect investment for those who want to approach the world of wine in a professional and serious way, without neglecting any detail.