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The world of glasses: learn to choose them and use them to drink better

Not all glasses are the same: although the primary function of a glass is to allow us to be able to drink, water, wine or any other type of drink, each glass is actually designed specifically, as a design and conformation, to be able to drink in the best possible way. Did you know that there are also simple natural water sommeliers? Even in that case, the glass will be able to determine and enhance different characteristics of the water, and in the same way, this discussion will apply above all for the wines and liqueurs to be tasted. It is precisely for this reason that in order to drink the best it will be necessary to know and learn to use the right glass, at the right time, and above all with the right drink! In this article, we will find out together which glasses and goblets to use, how to put the glasses on the table and how to treat them to always have them at their best.

Glasses for all tastes

As previously announced, each glass will have two main functions: the aesthetic one, as a piece of furniture for the table, but above all the technical one, that is, which will allow us to better taste the drink contained in the glass. On today's market there are various models, different in shape and size, of glasses: we can find designer glasses, more prestigious crystal glasses, personalized glasses, but also typically bar glasses, with always different shapes, materials and colors. Mainly, however, we can divide into some macro categories of glasses, to be able to recognize them more easily:

Water and soft drink glasses

The glasses used for water or soft drinks generally do not exceed 30 cl of capacity. Commonly called tumblers, they differ from the glasses for other uses for their height and width, allowing a firm grip.

Wine glasses

There are several models of glasses for wine, depending on the wine you are drinking: generally they are always glasses with excellent transparency, such as crystal, and must be of excellent workmanship. Among the most important wine glasses we find Ballon, for structured red wines and Renano, for fresher and younger wines.

Beer glasses

Among the main glasses used to drink beer, we certainly find the famous mugs with a handle, but also several stemmed glasses that will be narrow and high. Again, as with wine, they will differ according to the beer you are drinking.

Liqueur glasses

Liqueur glasses differ from other glasses in that they are smaller in size and more elegant in shape, with long stems and small dimensions.

The cocktail glasses

Also in this case, each cocktail will have the glass it deserves: for example, for the famous Negroni you will need a medium-sized tumbler, while the glasses with stem and important width will be reserved for spritz. Another famous glass in the common imagination is certainly the cocktail cup, ideal for the famous Vodka Martini, "Shaken, not stirred", by James Bond.

Other glasses

In addition to the macro categories listed, there are also glasses that go outside each category: on the market, in fact, you can find always different or personalized design glasses. The choice must fall, in addition to an aesthetic taste, on some characteristics will facilitate the drinking, such as the choice of glasses with generous sizes, or more refined and minimal for other types of liqueurs.

The right maintenance of glasses and goblets

In addition to choosing which glass is most suitable for the drink you are drinking, the maintenance of the glass itself must also be perfect in order to no alter the drink tasting.
To wash the glass, for example, running water should be preferred and avoid the use of rather aggressive detergents, as they could release odor and thus alter the taste. Some glasses will not even have to be dried by hand, unlike most of them that just use a cloth that will not release annoying fluff, such as those made of linen: among the glasses not to be dried, we will certainly find beer ones ; they will then be wet inside and left to air dry. After cleaning, the glasses must always be stored safely but above all turned upside down, as well as being placed on a cloth or napkin: in this way, you can avoid that dust can be deposited inside, and it will be even more simple to be able to take them directly from the base.

To conclude, whatever your favorite drink, it will surely have its ideal glass to be drunk: the use of the right glass will allow you to perceive every single detail of what you are drinking, using both taste and smell. Each drink has its own history, and it is by tasting it carefully that you can learn and appreciate the effort of those who have always been committed to providing you with drinks that are always perfect and in excellent condition and that they give us the passion and the fruit of their work.