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Ice Buckets and wine spittoons

Wholesaler of ice buckets and wine spittoons for tasting, available in plastic and steel, from 1 to 6 bottles of wine. Customizable with your logo.

Ice Buckets and  wine spittoons

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Glacette and spittoon: trusted friends of the most demanding sommeliers and wine experts

You will surely have, at least once in your life, heard of the terminology "glacette": the name itself may not lead to anything, yet it is one of the most used tools, not only by wine experts, but also in normal situations and on several occasions. Another element, called spittoon, can also make a smile on the face, without knowing in depth what it is and what its function is. Both the glacette and the spittoon are elements that are part of the world of wine-related tools, and they are all to be known and discovered in order to be able to use them, why not, even in the most home and amateur settings.

The glacette: what it is, and what it is for

The glacette, as the term suggests for the most French-speaking, is a tool capable of carrying ice within itself: one of the most used terms in english language, to be able to describe it and find a synonym, is certainly the word ice bucket. And this is precisely the function of a glacette: to bring ice, and to cool the bottles. This function is not exclusively inherent in cooling wine bottles, but will be used to cool any container that may contain a drink inside it.

The different models of glacette

Different models of glacette are available on the market, which can meet everyone's needs: from the most classic, to the simplest, or design ones. Here are some of the most popular ice cream models:

Thermal glacettes

These particular glacettes are made of thermal material, such as polystyrene, and will allow you to insert a bottle inside them and to keep their temperature unchanged.

The plexiglass glacettes

These glacettes can have very different shapes and sizes: some of them can hold only one bottle at a time, others can be real baskets able to hold large quantities of ice and, consequently, even more bottles at a time .

The glacette in steel or metal

The steel glacettes are certainly very elegant and will offer an elegant and refined aesthetic. Not surprisingly, it is precisely among the steel glacettes that we find the best designs of ideal glacettes for champagne, with decorations and enriching elements that will make them unique.

Crystalline glacettes

Delicate and available in different sizes, such as those in plexiglass, the crystalline glacettes are certainly elegant furnishing elements and will be perfect for containing high-quality bottles.

Plastic glacettes

There is also a more practical and comfortable model of glacette, often used especially by those who will have to carry a bottle of wine with them, without losing the right temperature to drink it: they look like real bags, made up of special gels that , if previously kept in the freezer, they can keep the temperature cold and cool the bottle inside.

The spittoon: what it is, and what it is for

As previously mentioned, in addition to the glacette there is another element linked to the world of wine that can be used above all by sommeliers and experts: we are talking about spittoons. The spittoon is nothing more than a special container that can contain the wine that will be spit by the sommelier, or by those who taste the wine, during a tasting. Its shape may recall that of glacettes, which is why they are usually sold in the same areas. The spittoons can be made, just like the glacettes, in different materials: you can find the most practical plexiglass spittoons, or the more design and refined ones in steel or in more elegant formats such as crystalline or glass. The use of spittoons is also quite discussed in the professional world: in fact, there are several sommeliers who repudiate the use of spittoons, arguing that to thoroughly taste the wine, it must also be swallowed; others, however, remain firm in the use of the spittoon to be able not to add too much to the palate with the taste of wine, and thus to allow the water to be able to clean it up and continue with its tasting.

In conclusion, some elements, just like the glacette or the spittoon, can be not only excellent furnishing elements that can accompany your evenings with friends or more important and involving events, but above all they can be useful where necessary, on the one hand , having an elegant container that can effectively cool the bottles of wine you are going to drink, and on the other hand, having an instrument like the spittoon can bring us closer to the professional world of wine, and give us the opportunity to try a complete and serious tasting experience. These products will also be customizable, and will meet the needs of shapes, sizes and sizes that will be necessary for any occasion.