Whiskey tasting with the right crystal glasses

Whiskey belongs to the wonderful world of spirits that arouses strong taste-olfactory emotions. Tasting whiskey with the right crystal glasses allows you to grasp the biggest secrets of this amber liquid whose production began centuries and centuries ago. Everything that goes around a whiskey glass speaks of warmth, blazing flame and free spirit. The sommelier, in fact, experiences these strong emotions sip after sip. The processes that lead to its production go through particular phases that can be identified through examination with very specific instruments, for example, scotch whiskey glasses.

You will be able to indulge in tasting the best whiskey selections through vertical and horizontal tastings thanks to our crystal whiskey glasses, ideal for conducting an objective and transparent tasting. Our glasses are made with high quality standard materials and resistant crystal. The models are designed according to the intrinsic characteristics of the whiskey deriving from the production area and from aging. Your tasting will also be enlivened by the aesthetic beauty of these crystal whiskey glasses that perfectly reflect the light thanks to a treatment that allows them to be washed in the dishwasher that does not affect their transparency.


Whiskey tasting with the right crystal glasses

Whiskey tasting: 5 useful tips to enjoy the distillate


Tasting whiskey with the right crystal glasses allows you to grasp the innermost secrets scanned with every sip. The term whiskey drinking might seem rather restrictive towards a product that has a story to tell. So, follow these simple tips to fully enjoy the whiskey bottle you have stored for special occasions and beyond. Each whiskey tasting is special and represents a universe of its own.

- The environment in which a tasting is conducted is decisive in order to be able to listen to the distillate and become familiar with it. In reality, it is necessary to be in a room where there are no intrusive odors and that the ambient temperature is not too high. The professional tasting rooms have an air conditioner with good air circulation to avoid stagnant odors. Finally, a white sheet under the whiskey glass allows you to perfectly evaluate the color of the distillate without chromatic disturbances.

- Choosing the right whiskey glass is the first step to start your tasting. We have already talked about this but it should also be pointed out that glasses are not all the same. You must know that the glencairn is the official glass for whiskey tasting. Its creation is the result of the collaboration between official whiskey tasters and professionals in the sector to search for the perfect shape. It is suitable for both single malts and blends. Its tapered tulip shape conveys the scents upwards, while the perfect transparency allows you to evaluate the color well.

- The whiskey is served straight without ice. The latter influences the taste since the temperature stuns the taste buds and the distillate would be watered down, losing consistency and pseudocaloric sensations. The advice is to serve the whiskey glass accompanied by a glass of pure water separately to cleanse the palate while waiting for the tasting.

- He quickly approaches the nose, for the first time, to the mouth of the whiskey glass, inhaling deeply. This allows you to counteract the phenomenon of addiction that causes the nose to become confused. Wait a few seconds and try again. The magic is punctual and the smoky, herbaceous, honeyed and spicy scents hover towards the nostrils.

- The gustatory aspect is the next step. The palate prepares to welcome the distillate, looking in the crystal whiskey glass for confirmation of what has already been perceived on the nose. The advice to take a small sip by swirling the liquid well in the mouth. This step has two functions: on the one hand it warms the mouth, on the other hand it prepares the taste receptors that in the meantime wake up and are ready for the actual tasting.


Scotch whiskey: why scotch, why whiskey

Surely someone asked you several times why we say scotch whiskey. Perhaps the time has come to unravel the mystery. The term scotch whiskey refers to spirits produced in Scotland. International agreements are the basis of this convention which obliges whiskey producers in other regions to use a different name despite the same style. The same is true for whiskeys produced in Canada (Canadian Whiskey) and Ireland (Irish Whiskey). Bourbon, on the other hand, indicates whiskey produced in the United States and obtained by fermentation and distillation of corn.


Tastings in sector events

Fairs and sector events are opportunities to taste the best whiskeys. Professionals and producers meet to let connoisseurs and enthusiasts discover the latest vintages. There is no shortage of opportunities for whiskey tasting with the right crystal glasses. Our glencairn whiskey glasses are recommended for those conducting tastings. Their maintenance is really simple so they are suitable for occasions of frequent use and washing. Why doesn't he let you discover the wonderful world of whiskey? Now you know enough to pick up the whiskey glass in your hand and listen to its secrets.

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