The wine glacette for chilling and promoting the wine business

The glacette is an instrument of table decoration not only in the restaurant but also in your home. The temperature of the wine, especially if it is white, is of great importance in the success of the evening. 

Lunch or dinner is enhanced by a service that allows you to fully enjoy the organoleptic characteristics of the wine and more. The food will be enhanced by matching it with the right wine to enhance its goodness.
Imagine what would happen if a white wine was served warm! If you love to receive guests, you will find that the wine cooler is an indispensable accessory to make a good impression. But let's take it step by step and try to understand what happens if the wine is not served at the right temperature.

Wine has very specific organoleptic characteristics. In the wine there is a perfect balance between hard and soft sensations.
For example, the acidity of white wine, which in jargon is called freshness, highlights the acidic tendency of young wines. It can certainly be said that this sensation is very welcome as it balances the sapidity. A white wine with a high alcohol content will be better enjoyed with a few degrees less because the caloric sensation is dampened. Similarly, a warm sparkling wine would not be able to express its characteristic fragrant and fruity bouquet because the carbon dioxide would cover the aromas. Cold, on the other hand, softens the pungency of the bubbles, concentrating the nose and palate on the characteristic tactile sensations.

These are classic examples to highlight the role played by temperature in the service of wine. The practicality of using wine coolers obviates all this with the awareness of serving wine correctly. Glacettes are practical to use and require routine maintenance like the rest of the tableware. Giving up their support would be a real shame for the bottle being uncorked.

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How to use the wine cooler


We supply different models of wine coolers to be used according to the occasion:

- Gelette Contact Wine Cooler Gelette. In this case the temperature is maintained by contact. The bottle is placed in the bottle holder and an accumulator is placed underneath. The accumulator contains the cooling liquid which gradually releases the cold. The bottle can generally function for the duration of the meal.

- Plexiglas ice bucket with high-quality, robust Plexiglas plastic for 1 to 6 bottles of wine or champagne

- Plastic Wine Cooler, 1 Bottle. This model is a double-walled bottle holder. The cold from the bottle is accumulated inside the cavity. It is advisable to keep the bottle in the refrigerator at a lower temperature than the serving temperature and to place it in the wine cooler at the last minute.

- Isothermal steel glacette. The good cold conduction by the metal guarantees the optimum temperature for the wine for a long time.

Wine coolers for promotion


Wine coolers ensure that the lunch or dinner is a perfect success. Their use is most in demand at events and exhibitions where tasting times can be very long. Wine companies take advantage of the practicality of sponsored wine coolers to refrigerate wine well. Tasting, in fact, involves sensory analysis with due explanation by the sommelier. Vinitaly, Prowine, wine festivals and trade fairs are convivial moments in which sponsored wine coolers are useful. They perform the double task of preparing the wine and sponsoring it at the same time.

The materials from which the wine coolers are made allow efficient and practical maintenance. Cleaning is facilitated by the smooth, non-rigid walls. The accumulators of the visible wine coolers can also be inserted in small minibars on the stands of companies that participate in trade fairs. Innovative proposals for glasses and wine accessories will enrich the set for tasting. Why give up technology that makes life easier? With a simple click you will discover the precious world of wine tasting through glass glasses, crystal glasses, corkscrews, buckets that will sponsor the name of your company.

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