The Pink Night: An Occasion for Wine Tasting

Summer is the time of year when evenings are filled with unique colors and atmospheres. Among the most anticipated events of the season, the Pink Night stands out for its ability to transform the Adriatic Riviera iin Italy nto a long ribbon of lights, music, and flavors. But what truly makes this festival special? For us wine lovers, the answer is simple: the opportunity to taste excellent labels in a magical setting.

pink night an occasion for wine tasting

What is the Pink Night?

The Pink Night, also known as the "New Year's Eve of Summer," in Italy is an event that involves the entire Romagna and Marche coast, celebrated every year on the first weekend of July. This event transforms the coastal cities into an explosion of pink lights, concerts, fireworks, and cultural initiatives. The streets, promenades, and squares come alive with festive fervor, offering a unique experience to residents and tourists.

The Pink Night will be held from July 5 to 7, 2024, transforming Romagna into the largest open-air dance floor in Italy. The new edition, titled "Weekend Dance," will celebrate dance in all its forms, from folk rhythms to sports dance, from country to liscio, from disco dance to hip-hop, to rock and indie hop.

The Wine as a Protagonist

The Pink Night is not just an occasion for fun, but also a perfect moment to explore the world of wine. The Adriatic Riviera, rich in wine tradition, becomes the ideal stage for guided tastings, food and wine events, and meetings with local producers.

Guided Tastings

During the Pink Night, many bars and restaurants organize guided tastings, where expert sommeliers introduce participants to the characteristics of local wines. From fresh and fruity whites to robust and structured reds, each glass tells a story of territory and passion.

Food and Wine Events

Themed dinners and gourmet aperitifs are another highlight of the Pink Night. These events combine the best wines with typical dishes from the Romagna and Marche traditions, offering unique pairings that enhance the flavors of both components.

Meetings with Producers

Many local wineries open their doors to the public, allowing them to discover the secrets of winemaking directly from the producers' voices. These meetings are an invaluable opportunity to learn the stories and people behind each bottle, and to buy wines directly from the source.

Preparing for the Pink Night

Participating in the Pink Night requires good organization. Here are some tips to fully enjoy this food and wine experience:

1. Plan Ahead: Check the official event program and book the tastings and dinners you want to attend in advance.

2. Wear Comfortable Clothes: The Pink Night is a long marathon of events and movements. Choose light clothes and comfortable shoes, with some pink accessories.

The Touch of Intorno al Vino

At Intorno al Vino, we are passionate about everything related to the world of wine. For the Pink Night, we recommend exploring our selection of accessories, such as our tasting glasses in crystal and tritan plastic, perfect for outdoor events and for enjoying the evening without problems.


The Pink Night is an unmissable event for those who love fun and wine and want to live a 360-degree sensory experience. Whether you are an expert sommelier or a simple enthusiast, this festival offers the perfect opportunity to discover new wines, meet producers, and enjoy unique food and wine pairings. Prepare yourself well and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Pink Night, where every glass tells a story and every toast celebrates the beauty of summer.

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