Terracotta glasses and jugs: for your local or reminiscent event

A blast from the past with terracotta

Terracotta is a material full of history. Used since ancient times to make objects. Initially, to use this material were the potters, who used it for their creation as it is easy to shape and which lends itself well to any type of decorative treatment from painting to sculpture. Thanks to the potters it was possible to reconstruct the history of many peoples of the world and to know that many other things were subsequently made with terracotta, from writing tables to kitchen utensils such as cutlery, pots, plates, jugs or glasses.

Choosing today to use terracotta jugs and glasses to serve wine or beer can be an original idea for places that recall the medieval style or if you are organizing a wedding or a theme party. Terracotta glasses and carafes allow you to take a real fascinating dive into the past, recalling ancient historical moments and savoring your favorite drink in an original and out of the ordinary way.


Terracotta glasses for beer, wine and olive oil

Terracotta glasses for beer, wine and oil

Today it is possible to remember the customs and uses of the past by using terracotta jugs and glasses. Obviously each product is made in an artisanal way, on the lathe but adapted to the modern era. Each tool, in fact, is coated with compatible materials and for food use, as well as being able to be safely washed in the dishwasher.

The terracotta beer mugs are handmade by craftsmen on the lathe. They are perfect for a club or to serve beer on the occasion of themed parties or historical reenactment events. Different variants are available, from those in leather color to those enameled and colored. The terracotta mugs allow you to savor the drink in an original way and are also perfect as a gift idea for beer lovers.

There are also wine glasses made of terracotta, which are also handcrafted. They are perfect for serving in a tavern or wine shop and terracotta glasses are also essential for themed parties or historical re-enactments. Inside, the wine glasses are enamelled and here too you can choose different variants, from natural leather-colored terracotta to white and green, a very common color in medieval Europe.

The terracotta olive oil tasting glasses are ideal for tasting the olive oil. Since ancient times this material was considered the best for this practice, as it is capable of maximizing the aromas of the olive oil. Even today, terracotta glasses are widely used by experts in the sector to better savor the so-called "green gold" and recognize its aromas and characteristics. Glazed terracotta cups are available and suitable for food use, made by masters of the lathe respecting the peculiarities of the ancient ones.

The terracotta carafes, when originality and elegance meet simplicity

The handmade terracotta jugs are made following the medieval style of the 14th century and are glazed inside. The exterior, on the other hand, is made with a poor glaze and with decorations with a "faded" effect to recall the historical artifacts which inspired the jugs and jugs. Variants with different decorations are available, from coats of arms to drawings. Decorations and customizations can be made on request. The terracotta jugs are ideal for serving beer or wine in clubs, restaurants or to be used during historical re-enactments or themed events.

The matt leather-colored terracotta jugs fully reflect the rustic style typical of the medieval era. Inside and outside they are enamelled with a special paint that enhances the reddish color typical of this material. The shape is inspired by those of ancient amphorae and is certainly the perfect accessory for a pub, a tavern or to serve drinks, wine and beer during events, themed parties or historical reenactments inspired by the medieval era.


Choose terracotta for an original and handcrafted set

Having terracotta glasses and jugs is an original choice for those who own a place and want to serve wine, beer and other drinks in a slightly different way, not using tools and glass containers but preferring a material full of history and able to enhance aromas and flavors to the maximum. Furthermore, terracotta is worked in an artisanal way, on the lathe as per tradition and this means creating unique pieces, with sets that are always different from each other. Terracotta glasses and jugs are useful accessories both for pubs, breweries, restaurants and taverns and for making an original gift to professionals in the wine sector or oil tasters, but also for all wine and beer enthusiasts. Furthermore, terracotta has better insulating properties than glass or plastic, making it easier to maintain the temperature of the drink contained.

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