Elegant plastic glasses for outdoor wine tasting

Outdoor tastings are a classic of summer evenings. The possibility of using outdoor spaces to organize themed events offers the advantage of creating unique settings. Guests will enjoy the evening breeze accompanied by elegant plastic goblets for outdoor tasting. The latter are recommended to ensure safety during the party. However, we must not think that this choice compromises the charm of the evening, on the contrary the unique design of these safe and reusable tableware offers the extra touch to every event. The perfection achieved during their realization guarantees a sure success. Whatever the wine served, plastic flutes and plastic wine glasses can be used. Our company is able to meet any request of the most demanding customer through a selection of the best wine glasses at advantageous conditions.

 plastic glasses, plastic flute

Safe tasting: reusable plastic cups


The elegant glasses for outdoor tasting provided by us fully comply with the safety regulations for events of this type. In general, given the more flexible and fluid management of the reception compared to the closed one, guests have the possibility to move and move from one point of the location to another. As beautiful and welcoming as it may be, this type of event requires careful organization. In fact, glass wine can be a potential danger especially when space is rather limited. Turning between tables could cause the glass to fall accidentally, causing breakage. For this reason, the rules on the subject state to use hard plastic cups. Today we are able to guarantee elegance to the event through a set of glasses of various shapes and sizes suitable for any type of wine and drink offered to guests of the outdoor tasting. The benefits of this translate into a fluent and optimal service for both guests and service staff.


Tritan: revolutionary ecological material


In our catalog you can find the best polycarbonate glasses, hard plastic glasses and Tritan glasses. The latter is a revolutionary material that offers considerable advantages not only in the outdoor management of wine tasting but also in the environment. Briefly summarizing the characteristics:


- Absence of Bisphenol A


- Excellent transparency to allow the perfect visual analysis of the wine to be tasted


- High resistance to numerous washing cycles even in the dishwasher


- Excellent chemical resistance


- Lightness and manageability


- Adaptability to cold and hot drinks


- Impact resistance


Finally, through studies and research, it has been possible to obtain a product made with materials that, in addition to having excellent chemical and physical properties, are able to be 100% recyclable.



Elegant plastic glasses for outdoor tastings: to each his own


Reusable plastic wine glasses therefore guarantee considerable advantages thanks to their production characteristics. The perfection achieved in their realization allows to conduct outdoor wine tastings, as well as safely, even with the pleasure of a glass suitable for the chosen wine. The classic universal wine glass in plastic is proposed with a capacity of cl. 47 in both transparent and white plastic. Similarly, it is possible to opt for the 22 cl ISO glass for a targeted technical tasting. The plastic flutes are also beautiful and elegant with a narrow mouth that allows the scents to flow towards the nose to enjoy all the olfactory pleasantness of the sparkling wine. This plastic glass lends itself to classic method sparkling wines characterized by fragrant and fruity scents. The plastic flute for sparkling wine is also available in the 18 cl version for younger wines with a fruity bouquet. Finally, it should be noted that the use of plastic wine glasses does not alter the flavor of the wine being poured in the least. the perfection of their realization makes them look like glasses in all respects. The visual and olfactory examination is not altered as well as the evaluation of transparency and perlage in the case of sparkling wines.


Showcases for insiders


The events of the food and wine sector such as Vinitaly, Milan Wine Festival, Prowine, Vitigno Italia, Cibus represent real showcases of products dedicated to wine-themed events. They are organized in order to be a meeting point between those who produce and those who transmit all the pleasure of tasting the nectar of the gods. The participation of sommeliers, wine merchants, restaurateurs and wineries constitutes the nucleus through which the culture of wine develops. A synergy, therefore, that allows to increase the visibility of innovative products such as reusable plastic glasses in Tritan.

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