Organize a tasting event at the time of the covid

The health emergency experienced has substantially conditioned the concept of social aggregation of whatever nature it is. The organization of an event, in fact, involves the aggregation of a variable number of people who share an interest, an activity, a hobby or simply the pleasure of fun and entertainment. The promoters and organizers of the events try to understand what it is to accurately interpret the rules that define how to organize a tasting event at the time of the covid. Given that it is a food sector, the problem is even more delicate to address. However, by following the appropriate precautions, the event can be organized in complete safety without giving up the pleasure of tasting a fine product. On our site it is possible to find  wine tasting glass holder  and wine glasses of all types in order to meet the customer's needs.


Organize a tasting event in the post-covid era


In Italy the famous phase 3, much coveted by the operators of the events, catering and discotheques sector, has placed stakes in order to ensure the health of the participants. Although for many it can be considered a kind of free all in fact, it emphasizes key rules that absolutely must not be compromised. The conference of the Regions, in fact, last June 9 updated the provisions for the possible opening of productive, recreational and economic activities, which also include events such as congresses, fairs, conventions and ceremonies. On these occasions the use of wine glasses is foreseen as it is foreseen the administration of food and drinks. The congress or convention, in general, includes a lunch break or a coffee-break with the provision of glasses and drinks to the participants. Therefore, organizing a tasting event at the time of the covid must be considered a not indifferent commitment.


Rules to follow


At the basis of the rules to be followed to organize a safe post-covid tasting event is the distancing of the participants. To be precise, it is necessary to follow to the letter some rules laid down by the experts on the subject who have foreseen the typical situation:


- Choose rooms that have a capacity commensurate with the number of participants. If the interpersonal distance must be one meter, spaces will be needed that allow the participants to move without the risk of creating crowds;


- If the tasting event at the time of the covid requires a reservation with the relative payment of a participation fee, it is advisable to arrange the online management of this aspect in order to avoid the formation of queues in front of the secretariat counter;


- The secretarial desk must be equipped with a special interpersonal barrier in plexiglass to protect the health of the reception staff;


- Access to the location must be arranged by differentiating the entrance and exit. Therefore, create a path through arrows and useful indications that help participants or guests to move according to easily interpretable rules


- Arrange posters in order to remind everyone of the delicate period we are going through. For this it is useful to place dispensers for hand disinfection at the entrance and then in various points of the location. Recommendations are essential in order to induce people to constantly follow the rules of not only personal but also social security;


- With regard to the previous point, it would be of great support to appoint a supervisor to monitor the behavior of those present in order to warn that they do not respect the rules;


- Tables prepared for tasting with glasses must include the seat of each participant at a distance of one meter from each other;


- At the entrance, body temperature can be measured, preventing access in cases where it is higher than 37.5 ° and, at the same time, delivering the tasting glass holder with your personal glass.



Safe tasting event: useful tips


The tasting events can concern companies, sommeliers, restaurateurs, winemakers and wine professionals. The need to restart is felt by the whole wine tourism and wine sector but only by following very specific rules. For visits to the winery, for example, which in addition to the walk through the vineyards also include tastings, they can take advantage of the handy glass holder bags to assign a glass of wine to each participant. It will then be up to the employees to sanitize the rooms between one tour and another. Furthermore, the summer leaves a lot of space for outdoor events, so it is good to take advantage of any locations compared to the indoor rooms.


If the tastings conducted by sommeliers are conducted in hotel rooms or themed locations, it is advisable to provide good ventilation of the premises by checking the air exchange systems. Finally, the use of prevention tools such as masks and gloves are especially recommended for those who pour wine. The speakers and moderators are exempted from the use of the mask during the interventions. The organizers will then have the task of sanitizing the microphones, stations and instruments used during the tasting. After all, it takes very little to leave with the glasses of wine in hand. A little attention and civic sense are the basis for restarting safely.

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