Mise en place of the glasses at the table and during the tasting

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The term mise en place has assumed increasing importance over time. While before it was reserved only for the restaurant field, today it has become common to talk about the position of glasses on the table together with the other crockery and napkin. The culture of food such as that of making a good impression in hospitality has always existed, only in recent years it has also involved the home sphere to the point that you want to make the table as beautiful as in a restaurant. In the context, the position of the glasses at the table, the tablecloth chosen according to the occasion, the presence of the placemat and an appropriate centerpiece take on particular importance. The pleasure of food, therefore, increases with the increase in the care applied to the preparation of the table. In reality, for a self-respecting mise en place it is necessary to follow very specific rules that depend on factors such as the number of courses, the ingredients, the presence of dessert or fruit. In short, it takes very little at the end to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the table both in the presence of guests and even in private. We supply a wide range of glasses of different shapes and sizes for every occasion. A rich catalog can be consulted online to guarantee a perfect mise en place starting from the choice of glasses.

Mise en place of the glasses at the table and during the tasting


Mise en place: a bit of history

The origins of the mise en place are to be placed in the era of Ancient Rome. Certainly it is difficult to imagine a richly set table since the Romans ate practically lying down. In reality, however, they already used glasses and mugs together with rudimentary cutlery that they used to pierce food. There were also pieces of cloth on the table that served as a napkin for cleaning hands. The appearance of the actual tablecloths took place in the Middle Ages. Around the fifteenth century we witness the equipment with a precise position of the glass at the table. The process was long but it served to create the guidelines for a mise en place as we conceive it today.


Mise en place of glasses at the table: guidelines


The mise en place of the glasses at the table is of great importance. The preliminary rules:

- arrange the various elements of the table in such a way as to make eating the meal pleasant and comfortable

- embellish the context by choosing the right pieces giving them the correct arrangement. Much attention must be paid to the position of the glasses.

The glasses at the table must follow a correct and logical positioning. In the meantime, it is necessary to inquire in advance about the number of courses and wines paired with them. If the wine list includes white, red, rosé, sparkling or sweet. So, arrange the wine glasses with care:

- The glasses should always be placed above the knife to the right of the diner.

- the presence of white and red wine foresees an increasing diagonal positioning from right to left starting from the white forward, the glass of red to follow and, finally, that of water.

- If sparkling wine is served, then the flute should be positioned at the top right in the direction of the red wine glass.


Wine tastings: mise en place of glasses


As for the table, even for tastings, the positioning of the glasses must follow a precise order:

- if it is a vertical of the same wine, or the tasting of several vintages, the glasses will be proportional to the number of years and will be arranged in a row horizontally in front of the taster.

- in the presence of white and red wines, then the positioning will be done starting from the smallest for whites followed by that of reds, always in proportion to the number of wines to be tasted.

- using the universal glass the question does not arise, as the positioning will always be horizontally of as many glasses as there are wines to be tasted.

The recommendation is to always create the right atmosphere by preparing the rooms for tasting with the right positioning of the lights and ensuring good air recycling.


Tastings and meetings: not only comparison but also pleasure

Fairs are the ideal opportunity to learn about the news of the wine sector. During their development, themed tastings are organized that involve sommeliers, professionals and simple enthusiasts in vertical and tastings of real oenological gems. The tasting glasses are the real stars. Through them the cultural background of those who want to deepen their knowledge of wine is enriched. Our glasses are always present to tell, together with them, a passionate story-telling in the colors of silk, gold and passion. Vinitaly, prowine, Vitigno Italia and many others are opportunities for meeting and comparison.


And do you pay attention to the mise en place?

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