How to use corkscrew to open a bottle of wine

The sommelier's job involves the use of many tools that are considered real tools of the trade. Managing a bottle of wine begins when it arrives at the restaurant or home for final consumption.

Opening a bottle, however trivial it may be, involves a series of precise steps that ensure the cork or silicone stopper comes out smoothly. In the case of the cork stopper, an incorrect use of the corkscrew could lead to its breaking with the impossibility of enjoying the nectar of the gods.
We supply the best professional corkscrews of high quality standards that guarantee their long life. The sommelier can choose from the wide range available on our website. The clean and elegant design also guarantees the protection of the aesthetic point of view, in which the image is one of the aspects that most involve activities in contact with customers.


How to use corkscrew to open a bottle of wine

Corkscrew: tool for the sommelier

The corkscrew is the essential tool for the sommelier or winemaker to be able to open the bottle of wine before serving. The dexterity and the decision to perform the action is ensured by the corkscrew which must withstand the force applied in screwing the worm into the cork to extract it. The worm, in technical jargon, is the screw at the end of the corkscrew that is inserted into the cap by exercising a certain extraction grip.
The history of this instrument begins in the past centuries. It was already widely used in the 18th century when it was called tirabuscion or tirabusiò, a term Italianized from the French tire-bouchon.

The traditional model was composed of a self-tapping screw applied to a piece of wood placed orthogonally to the lever in order to overcome the strength of the cap. A rather complex mechanism that experience has made, however, efficient and easy. Over time, the corkscrew models have evolved to the present day.

The most popular model is the one that has a metal bar in which the screw and levers are inserted. By opening them and pointing them at the neck of the bottle, they allow the sommelier to exert sufficient force to extract the cork. A hacksaw is supplied with the accessories of the sommelier corkscrew to cut the capsules of the bottles that seal the neck of the bottle. The most common materials are steel, brass and mixed wood and metal ones.

Professional corkscrew: models and use

The classic corkscrew, therefore, is used to uncork classic Bordeaux bottles. But it is also good for the albeise, the Rhine, the Burgundian and the high-shoulder Bordeaux. Some types of bottles have a different cork according to the wine they contain.

The bottle, in fact, must be able to support a refermentation, the pressure of the bubbles or a long aging. In these cases, the use of a classic corkscrew could be a bit difficult even if not impossible. To overcome this, we have specific corkscrew models for the particular bottle.

The Pultap's corkscrew is suitable for the extraction of resistant corks through a vertical and progressive force. The length of the screw also guarantees the right measure to prevent some cork residues from falling into the wine.
The professional champagne corkscrew makes it easy to open bottles with mushroom stoppers. It has the function of a large pincer that squeezes the mushroom cork, rotates it and extracts it. In addition to being useful, this corkscrew is an object of great design. Finally, there are professional corkscrews for the catering line that have a support for fixing to the wall.

The corkscrew must be used according to the model. To open a bottle of wine just insert the screw perpendicular to the cork. The entry into the cork must be linear or not diagonal. Then, it is screwed up without drilling the cap and by placing the lever on the neck of the bottle it pulls upwards. Practice and exercise are the best teachers. The structure of the sommelier corkscrew does the rest.


Personalized corkscrew


Corkscrews are a precious gadget that wineries give to customers and enthusiasts as a thank you for their loyalty. The waiter or sommelier of the restaurant considers it almost a treasure since it is easy to lose it, to forget it on the table or in the cellar during the service.
The ability to customize the corkscrew is a valid idea for both companies and restaurants. The corkscrew can be a nice gift that makes the customer happy with the attention shown.


Showcases of wine and its accessories


Wine fairs such as Vinitaly, Prowine, Vitigno Italia and Milano Wine Festival are occasions for the use of professional corkscrews. Together with the glasses they are the most used wine accessories. The advice is to always have a good stock of them so as not to risk running out, since the fairs last several days. Our corkscrews are always present at industry events. They are a showcase for the world of wine and for related accessories such as glacette, glasses, glass bags, oil tasting glasses, spittoons and stoppers.

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