How to uncork a bottle of champagne

Uncorking a bottle of champagne evokes emotions and sensations that can be traced back to happiness. The uncork has always represented a moment of celebration and joy, while the bottle of champagne crowns a happy occasion or event.

The human soul at the thud of the cork that sprays off the bottle is lightened and gets ready for the emotion of the wine which with its sparkling bubbles feeds a white and creamy foam. It sounds like a novel, but it's actually what happens every time you uncork a bottle of champagne.

After all, a lot of poetry is needed to produce a champagne that encompasses all the effort, work and passion invested to obtain an extraordinary final product. So let's find out how to open a bottle of sparkling wine with the right tools, thus perpetuating the fable that began in the vineyard.


How to uncork a bottle of champagne

How to uncork a bottle of Champagne: etiquette is a must


In the collective imagination, the opening of a bottle of champagne is associated with moments of celebration and joy, in which happiness and conviviality are the masters. How many times, on television, do you see these bubbling bottles that when they are opened make the cork jump far away. Half of the contents are lost due to the pressure created inside that is released through the movement of the bottle.

If you want to make a good impression on guests you have to forget all this. If it is true that the best beginnings are those with a bang, in reality, etiquette and class are something else. The bang must absolutely be avoided. Today, there are suitable tools to be able to uncork a bottle of sparkling wine safely while preserving the emotions stored after a long rest on the lees.

Using a champagne tongs, a saber or a champagne corkscrew a bottle can be opened perfectly and effortlessly. Your guests will be pleasantly impressed and your dinner will have the deserved success.

How to uncork a bottle of champagne: the method

To perfectly uncork a bottle of sparkling wine you have to follow precise steps that allow you to fully savor the contents. Everyone knows that sparkling wine is a base wine to which yeasts have been added for the formation of bubbles.

The bottles rested for a medium-long period during which they developed internal pressure. Managing the pressure developed is the focal point when opening the champagne bottle. Here are some useful tips:

• The capsule that covers the cap must be removed with the help of the tab. If it is not present, you can use the hacksaw of the corkscrew to cut it.

Remove the cage. For this operation it is necessary to grasp the ring and unwind the metal until the cage is completely loosened which, at this point, can slip away

Grasp the cap holding it tightly inside the palm of your hand

Turn the sparkling wine bottle with the other hand until the cap loosens

• This operation requires special attention so as not to blow off the cork. It should be held by letting the pressure go out gradually.

• At a certain point you will hear a hiss, after which the rest of the cork can be released.


Despite the precautions it is possible that the cap is a bit hard. In this case it is good to use a champagne tongs or a champagne corkscrew. These two tools will facilitate the grip of the cap in order to facilitate its extraction.

The champagne tong design is somewhat reminiscent of a nutcracker. Its use is simple and facilitated by the shaped and non-slip handle. At the end there is a toothed vice that allows you to hold the cork firmly to extract it without risk.

The champagne corkscrew, on the other hand, grabs the cork in a vertical position, blocking it and facilitating its extraction. When the cork comes out, it remains trapped in the corkscrew itself, giving elegance to the rite of opening the sparkling wine bottle.


Champagne saber: class and design

Uncorking a bottle of sparkling wine with a champagne saber creates a not indifferent scenic effect. Guests are eagerly awaiting this moment to see the cork fly off. The custom of using the saber to open champagne goes back to the Napoleonic era.

The troops, in fact, used to celebrate victory by drinking champagne. The only tool available at the time was, in fact, the saber. So they blew off the neck of the bottle to taste its precious content and to toast in a funny way.


To use the saber correctly it takes a lot of practice on the bottles of sparkling wine for the show to be perfectly successful. First of all, you have to firmly grip the saber by the handle and let the blade slide along the back of the bottle held in a horizontal position but facing upwards.

A sharp blow, practiced with adequate force, under the neck ring is essential to blow off the cork. The champagne saber should only be used to uncork sparkling wine bottles as they are equipped with pressure due to the presence of carbon dioxide.

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