How to clean crystal glasses and how to make them last longer

The crystal glasses are a gem not only for table service at home but also for the mise en place of the restaurant. Aesthetics want its part and the crystal wine glass plays its part to perfection.

The opulence of the light emanating gives the table prestige and sumptuousness. Our crystal glasses are made according to high quality standards that guarantee resistance and durability over time.

These are fundamental characteristics so that a glass, subjected to continuous use and washing, resists and maintains its perfect beauty. Crystal is a delicate material but, at the same time, suitable for the production of fine wine glasses and cocktail glasses.

Furthermore, its processing through carvings and embroidery favors aesthetics beyond functionality. For their treatment, however, few but precise rules are needed. Let's see together some useful tips to keep our crystal glasses in perfect condition both at home and in the professional field.


How to clean crystal glasses and how to make them last longer

Crystal: resistant, bright, transparent

When we talk about crystal we refer to glass containing a certain percentage of lead which increases its sonority and brilliance. In reality, it is always glass in which calcium has been replaced by lead.
The minimum content to be defined as lead is 24%. It is particularly used to produce glasses rich in decorations and carvings as it improves their structure and workability.

The glasses we offer are made of ecological crystal which is perfectly recyclable and with zero environmental impact.

This allows to obtain wine glasses with the following technical characteristics:

- High transparency thanks to Ultraclear

- Long-lasting brilliance

- Resistance to impact and dishwasher washing

- Dishwasher safe for an infinite number of times without its shine being affected

- Sounds like lead crystal

- Ecological or sustainable and 100% recyclable

These features increase the value of our wine and mixology glasses that can be chosen to elegantly decorate the restaurant table. Their care is based on a few simple rules that guarantee their resistance even in public places where use is frequent together with washing.
In fact, restaurateurs complain about the continuous investment in glasses given the frequent accidental breakages associated with the fast pace of daily work.

Our crystal glasses are the solution to all this. Field research has achieved excellent results with the use of innovative materials, improving the technical characteristics of the wine glass.


How to clean crystal glasses

Crystal glasses are characterized by a particular brilliance and light that can fade over time. This applies to both the restaurant and the home. Keeping them in the display case for a long time makes them sensitive to dust and impurities.
When we have guests it is a good rule to equip the table with shiny glasses as the lights are much more intense than in the restaurant. Hence, the hostess must keep a careful eye on the crystals in order to avoid bad figures with the guests.

However, there are some home tricks to clean them and make them last longer:

- Wine vinegar and lemon are basic ingredients to keep crystal glasses in perfect condition and make them last longer. Just prepare a solution that contains equal parts of vinegar and lemon juice. Pass the crystal glasses in this preparation and then dry them with a cotton cloth.

- Neutral detergent and vinegar. Hand washing is always the most recommended. If you choose this procedure to keep crystal glasses shiny, it is good to know that a non-abrasive sponge must be used in order not to cause scratches. After washing, it is rinsed in a solution of water and vinegar and immediately dried with a cotton cloth.

Leaving the glasses wet after washing could favor the formation of limescale stains due to the mineral content of the water.


Crystal wine glasses, but not only

We supply crystal wine glasses but also for mixology dedicated to places that serve cocktails and spirits.
The charm of the worked wine glass helps to create the magical retro atmosphere.
Often, the crystal glass is not used for fear of chipping or breaking it. In fact, it is a real pleasure to conduct wine and liquor tastings in eco-friendly crystal which favors perfect visual examination.
The taster will be able to safely evaluate the wine in question. Perfect transparency does not induce the slightest error of judgment. This is why wine glasses of this quality are highly appreciated during fairs such as Vinitaly, Prowine, Salone del Vino. They instill the awareness of having an adequate tool to do the job well. Our wine glasses can also be customized with the name of the winery, restaurant or place that chooses our quality.

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