How do you taste beer and why use a teku glass?

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Beer is an extraordinary drink that evokes scents, aromas, flavors and emotions. Drinking a glass of beer is like reading a book: just as page after page we see twists, so sip after sip we feel the pleasure of discovery.

Beer is truly worth discovering. But how do you taste beer? But, above all, why use a Teku glass?
The questions find an infinity of answers as are the infinite facets of beer, be it blonde, red or amber. So let's see which tools to use to best taste beer.

How do you taste beer and why use a teku glass?


Beer tasting: a river of secrets

Beer is a drink that, at first glance, can surprise you with its thirst-quenching strength. It often happens, especially in summer, that you drink beer to quench your thirst. Fresh, bubbly and thirst-quenching, it is the ideal match for a summer lunch.

In fact, however, it would be a real shame to let it slip away from the palate without understanding its secrets. As with any tasting, there is also the right glass for beer. The universal one reveals the secrets of all types of this sparkling drink. If you really want to have a perfect tasting then you must have a Teku glass.

The Teku glass was born from studies conducted around beer in order to find the shape of the glass capable of enhancing its organoleptic characteristics. It was born almost by chance thanks to the work of two beer experts: Teo Musso and Kuaska. Their palate was so used to drinking beers of all types from lagers to abbey ones through amber that they wanted to experiment with a universal beer glass. Teku, today, is the reference glass for those who want to know the drink through the enhancement of its aromas and flavors.


How to taste beer

Beer tasting is a truly rewarding experience for those who love this fermented drink. Let's see some useful tips to learn more about beer tasting.

• As with wine and oil tasting, the right environmental conditions must be in place. Too hot environments alter the taste of beer and those that are too cold do not allow the sense of smell to better capture the aromas. Furthermore, the ideal is to ensure good air exchange to avoid stagnant odors.

Light is another decisive factor. Good lighting is the basis for an optimal visual examination. Through the transparency of the glass in good light conditions it is possible to see color and any impurities present in the beer glass.

• Choosing the right tools is crucial to formulating an objective judgment on the type of beer you are tasting. The Teku glass is the one recommended for those who want to taste beer according to the classic canons.

Color is the first element that needs to be considered. It talks about the processing, the ingredients used and the scents we should expect. Blondes, for example, have scents reminiscent of cereals, flowers and herbaceous. The color is due to the slow drying of cereals at not too high temperatures. The reds, on the other hand, owe their characteristic color to the type of malt used which caramelises during boiling. Finally, the dark ones have that characteristic black and dark color to the roasting of the malt which becomes dark due to the prolonged roasting.

• On the olfactory examination the characteristic scents for each type emerge. The hints of blondes have fresher aromas to be associated with fruity, floral and sometimes even citrine in the case of sour beers. In red beers, honeyed and cooked fruit aromas will be sought. In dark and black beers, aromas associated with roasting are recognizable: coffee, chocolate, smoked.

• Finally, the gustatory test is the one that gives the greatest satisfaction thanks to the premise created by the visual and olfactory tests. This phase is considered the satisfaction of the senses that have created the ideal conditions for the palate to find confirmation of what has already been felt. As regards the gustatory sensations it can be said that blondes will be characterized by greater gustatory freshness than red and amber ones. The latter are softer and more enveloping than the dark ones.


These are some tips to start tasting beers. The secret is to have a Teku glass that clearly highlights what has been said about the organoleptic characteristics of beer. The different facets with it find the correct interpretation.


Beer-themed events


Beer, like wine, is the protagonist of many sector events involving professionals and enthusiasts. For those who truly love this world can not miss Rome Beer Festival, Genova beer Festival, Beer Craft, BeerEat, Microbo and many others. On these occasions it is possible to taste high standard craft beers thanks to the help of the Teku glass.

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