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Terracotta glasses and jugs

Terracotta glasses and jugs in medieval style, handmade in natural terracotta by Italian master craftsmen. 

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Terracotta glasses and jugs handmade by Italian craftsmen

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The timeless charm of terracotta and its glasses

Nowadays, when we think of a good glass of wine, or simply the bottle, we automatically think of the material, which has now become part of our most common imagination, namely glass. In truth, since ancient times, the material used to produce containers such as glasses, or jugs or bottles, was essentially another: we are talking about terracotta. In fact, the use of terracotta was absolutely primary to be able to enjoy drinks, also thanks to its particular characteristics, such as filtering and the possibility of being able to decant the wine in absolute safety. The use, therefore, of terracotta, or more properly also of ceramic, was ideal for this type of use. Once upon a time, wine was actually stored in amphorae made in terracotta: however, their use has always waned over time, being replaced by more classic wooden barrels. In recent years, however, with a gradual return to tradition, it is not unusual to find producers, or consumers, who have returned to using terracotta for the conservation and tasting of their favorite drinks.

Some information on terracotta glasses

The terracotta glasses are an absolutely Italian flagship production: in fact, there are several productions that can boast handmade glasses, rigorously formed thanks to the lathe, and which can give the glasses a unique style. Thanks to the possibility of being able to work directly by hand, there are many shapes and creations that can be obtained: for example, it will be possible to obtain colored terracotta glasses, or customized by entering your name or brand, or take different shapes and consistent use. It is also possible to create ever-different terracotta jugs and glasses, which will also be a unique piece of furniture in your homes: you can surprise your guests by offering a good wine, in sumptuous ceramic glasses.

The types of terracotta glasses

As previously said, there are really many and different terracotta glasses available, which can be differentiated by always unique shapes and colors. Among these, however, we can certainly catalog some of them, including:

Terracotta beer mugs

Usually in tan color, these mugs will be perfect for enjoying a good beer with friends, in bars, pubs, or even in events specifically designed with medieval themes.

Terracotta wine glasses

Drinking good wine in terracotta glasses will make you try the most ancient experience of tasting wine with methods and customs of the past, making you find a completely new flavor as well.

Terracotta shot glasses

The terracotta glasses can replace the classic glasses, perfect for liqueurs: their use dates back even to the Roman era, and has always been a perfect material to be used on different occasions, and with drinks also very different between them, without altering their taste.

Medieval terracotta jugs and glasses

The medieval terracotta jugs and glasses, although their function is the same as the more classic glasses and mugs, will nevertheless bring you and recreate a unique atmosphere with their own medieval flavors: ideal for recreating thematic locations, and for great enthusiasts of the time. The characteristics that these terracotta glasses have in common are certainly those of being able to be washed in the dishwasher, without risking damaging them, but also of being completely glazed with the use of the crystalline, which covers them both internally and externally to allow you maximum comfort and tasting performances of your favorite drinks. Moreover, terracotta glasses can also be a nice gift idea, for a unique thought for the people you love most, or for those who are fond of these elements with an ancient flavor that, however, also find space in today's modernity.

How to taste with a terracotta glass

Tasting a good wine, or excellent beer, using terracotta glasses and mugs, will not be much different from doing it with other elements in different materials: the uniqueness will be in being able to do it using materials used since ancient times, which intrinsically have a history and a tradition within. When you pour the wine, or the beer, into them, let them settle a little, breathing in the aromas that they will release; then drink in small sips, to fully enjoy the flavors and aromas that make them unique. Once you have finished drinking, rinse them carefully, or put them in the dishwasher: finally, dry them with a cloth that cannot release lint, or that can scratch the ceramic glaze.

To conclude, the terracotta glasses and mugs will be perfect to use if you are admirers of the most ancient customs, allowing you a unique tasting experience, and giving you furnishings that have a flavor of millenary history and tradition.